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Is your browsing activity traceable?
 Normally it is. EncryptStick's Private Web Browser leaves no footprint on any computer that you have used.

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EncryptStick: what are the benefits?

  • 100% safe file storage and portability

    Carry your files around with the needed extra security.

  • Zero-trace web browsing

    Never worry about your browsing activity again. EncryptStick encrypts and stores all your browsing history and bookmarks on your USB stick.

  • Password manager

    Never again worry about forgetting a password. EncryptStick automatically enters your login credentials for websites you visit.

Password Manager Safe Secure and Portable

Protect your online identity by storing and retrieving log-in information for virtually any website including Internet banking, corporate websites, online shopping and even social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The EncryptStick Private Browser provides seamless integration with the EncryptStick Password Manager. All of your sensitive online log-in information including user names and passwords are stored in an encrypted vault using our patented 512 bit polymorphic encryption - the most secure encryption technology available, and one that has never been hacked. Your online credentials are stored in a hidden vault on an EncryptStick enabled USB flash drive, and you are the only person who can access it.

To ensure the highest possible degree of protection, Password Manager and the Private Browser use its patented 512 bit polymorphic encryption to transfer your password back and forth between them in EncryptStick's secured memory.


favourites Encrypted Bookmarks & Favorites

Are you planning a surprise vacation, or purchasing a gift online for someone special? Do you want to do your research in confidence but be able to retrieve the pages that are important to you? EncryptStick's Encrypted Bookmarks are an important part of the Private Browser that ensure you are the only person who knows what you have bookmarked. Bookmarks are stored in a hidden encrypted vault on an EncryptStick-enabled USB flash drive, and you are the only person who can access it. Plug it into any computer, anywhere, and right now have secure and private access to your important bookmarks.

Password Manager Encrypted History

The EncryptStick Encrypted History ensures that you are the only person who ever knows where you have been online. Your browsing history goes with you wherever you go on an EncryptStick enabled USB flash drive. Plug it into any computer and right now have access to your browsing history. It protects your entire browsing history by storing it in a secure encrypted vault to which only you have access, and it never leaves behind a history on any computer.


portable web browser Portable & Private

EncryptStick, EncryptStick Browser and Password Manager work together to provide the utmost in online privacy. Everything runs off of your EncryptStick enable USB flash drive. Everything is encrypted with our patented 512 bit Polymorphic Encryption ensuring the highest possible level of protection for your private and sensitive information.

Take your EncryptStick enabled USB flash drive with you anywhere, and plug it into virtually any computer in the world. Right now access your bookmarks and browsing history, available only to you.

easy to use Easy to Use

For each website, you add your log-in credentials to your list in Password Manager. The next time you want to login to a website, Passsword Manager automatically enters your login credentials. Once recorded, you will never again need to remember or even type in your login credentials. The only password you ever need to remember is the one required to sign in to your EncryptStick-enabled Flash Drive.

Strong Passwords Powerful Passwords

An important part of any strategy to protect your ID is the use of a different password for each and every online account you use. As well, it is essential to use passwords that are tough for hackers to guess. Password Manager, in conjunction with the Private Browser keeps track of an unlimited number of passwords and websites. Password Manager can automatically generate passwords that are extremely hard to guess, and equally tough to remember. Find out More About Password Manager »


web browser A Lightweight & Modern Web Browser

Numerous headline stories have recently appeared in technology trade publications pointing out vulnerabilities in many of the world's best known, and most widely used web browsers. The so called "Private Browsing" modes have turned out to be not so private. They do not completely protect your browsing history or stop cookies from being left behind. The EncryptStick Private Browser provides a safe and secure way for you to browse the Internet and interact in confidence with your favorite web sites including online banking, shopping, travel and social media sites. Regardless of where you go online, no record of your browsing is ever left behind on any computer.

The EncryptStick Private Browser is not meant to replace your favorite web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome, but it includes many of the important features you expect from modern browsers such as bookmarks, tabbed browsing, support for plug-ins, eg. Adobe Flash, and full support for JavaScript.
Use the EncryptStick Private Browser anywhere you require confidence that your passwords, online identity and the history of your Internet activity remain known only to you. We recommend you use it every day as it is one of the fastest, most secure, most web-standards compliant browser available anywhere.

check Standards Compliant

The EncryptStick Private Browser is based on the Open Source QTWebKit rendering engine and has one of the highest levels of compliance to current web standards of any browser currently available. It rates 99/100 on industry standard Acid3 test, exceeding compliance levels of all but one of the five most popular web browsers currently on the market.

adobe flash supported Full support for Flash

We have tested the EncryptStick Private Browser with a number of popular plug-ins. The most important plug-in available today is Adobe Flash, and we provide full support for current versions of Flash. If you find a plug-in for which we do not have current support, please let us know, and we will look into adding support for it in a future release.


chart Fast!

From our testing, we have seen better rendering performance than any of the major web browsers available today. Because caching is done directly to your EncryptStick enabled USB flash drive, your online performance will be dictated to some degree by the read and write speeds of your flash drive. High performance USB flash drives ensure better browser performance, especially for web pages with extensive use of graphics, videos, Adobe Flash and photographic images. Future releases will optionally let the Private Browser to write to an encrypted vault on your local drive, thus yielding performance gains.

cookie No Cookies

Websites cannot track your activity, and no footprint is ever left behind on any computer because cookies are not enabled in the private browser.

Start enjoying total peace of mind….get EncryptStick now!

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