Download EncryptStick™

If you have not yet downloaded EncryptStick™ you can:
- Download a Windows version here
- Download a Mac version here

EncryptStick software versions 5.4.16 and prior are installed only on a flash drive and run from any Windows or Mac computer after inserting the flash drive in the USB port.  EncryptStick Installs quickly and easily, and turns your flash drive into your own portable Digital Privacy Manager (DPM).

EncryptStick version 6.0 now allows you the option to install and run the application from any Windows or Mac computer, giving you the ability to secure and protect files and data on your desktop or laptop computers. In the next software update, your license will allow you to use one license to operate the software on up to three (3) devices, (eg. two computers and one flash drive).

The trial version is free and has some software limitations. If you want to remove these limitations please purchase a license for the full version here.
By downloading EncryptStick™ you are agreeing to EncryptStick's Software Licensing Agreement.

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