EncryptStick™ Features & Benefits

EncryptStick™ is available for trial. The table below lists the primary differences between the trial and the full version.


Encrypt Stick™ Software FeaturesTrial VersionFull Version
Retail Price Free $39.99
Free Downloadable Updates   Yes
Lost Flash drive Recovery process*     Yes
File Shredder - Permanently Remove Unwanted Files     Yes
Password Expiry     User Definable
Number of Encrypted Vaults 1 Unlimited
Encrypted Vault Storage Capacity 5MB Unlimited
Groups and Sub-Groups - Keep your passwords organized in groups/categories.   1 Unlimited
Encrypted Password and username storage   3 Unlimited
Private Web Browser Use for 30 days Unlimited
Automatic Timeout Feature - Never leave your files exposed   15 minutes User Definable
Auto run when flash drive is inserted   Windows Windows
Easy to use - no learning curve Yes Yes
Compatible with XP/Vista/Win7    Yes Yes
Compatible with Mac OS 10.4+    Yes Yes
Encrypt Stick™ can run from both your flash drive or your computer Yes Yes
Uses 512bit Polymorphic Encryption Yes Yes
Protects any type of digital file Yes Yes
Store Encrypted Vaults on any writable media   Yes Yes
Store Encrypted Vaults on Network Drives   Yes Yes
Protects Files and folders on any storage device Yes Yes
Password Strength Indicator - Help Create Strong Passwords   Yes Yes
Encrypted Virtual Keyboard - Eliminate Key Stroke Logging   Yes Yes
Live Search - Find Encrypted Files instantly!   Yes Yes
Leaves No Footprint on Guest Computer Yes Yes
No installation of drivers on host computer. Yes Yes
Edit encrypted documents on the fly without manually decrypting to the host computer   Yes Yes
Instant lock button - Lock all of your Vaults instantly Yes Yes
Change your password at any time Yes Yes
Password Generator - Generate secure passwords quickly.   Yes Yes
Password Manager - Keeps your passwords with you at all times.   Yes Yes
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  = New or Revised Feature
* Proper backup procedures must be followed. Future releases will automate this