Have you ever forgotten a password?
........we all have.

With EncryptStick, that will never happen again. Stay organized, and manage access to all of your confidential online accounts. But there is more ....

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EncryptStick: what are the benefits?

  • 100% safe file storage

    Carry your files around with the needed extra security.

  • Zero-trace web browsing

    Never worry about your browsing activity, since No footprint is ever left behind on any computer that you have used.

  • Password manager

    Never again worry about forgetting a password. EncryptStick automatically enters your login credentials for websites you visit.


Password manager overview What does a Password Manager provide?

The Encrypt Stick Password Manager provides you with a fast, secure, easy to use way to manage all of your passwords for virtually any web site you visit, including corporate or government portals, online banking, shopping and even your favorite social media sites like Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™ and Flickr™. All of your password are stored in an encrypted file (we call them vaults) using Encrypt Stick's™ patented 512 bit polymorphic encryption - the world's strongest encryption-ensuring that you are the only person who will ever have access to them.

Selecting one of your saved logins from Encrypt Stick's Password Manager opens our secure browser, takes you to the site, securely fills your username and password, and logs you in, all with a single mouse click or a few keystrokes. Never forget a password again and log into your sites with a single mouse click. Use Encrypt Stick to automatically fill login credentials for websites you visit.

Private Web Browser Private Browser Integration

The Encrypt Stick™ Password Manager is tightly integrated with the Encrypt Stick™ Private Browser. All of the websites you regularly visit can each have their user names and passwords stored in an encrypted vault, and easily accessible by you whenever you visit those websites using the Private Browser. Once you have created and saved the password information for a site the next time you visit the login page for that site you simply right click on the user name and password fields. Password Manager then asks you if you want to fill in the field with the appropriate data. Because you are not using the keyboard to enter your confidential information, and because the password is never displayed on the screen, keylogger and screen capture malware can never intercept your input. Integration of Password Manager and the virtual Keypad is done using encrypted memory blocks using the same patented polymorphic encryption used to encrypt your files, ensuring that your sensitive account access information is always protected.

Learn More About Private Browsing »


Groups Group Your Passwords

Stay organized, and manage access to all of your confidential online accounts. Easily create password groups to organize your passwords any way you wish. You might want to create a group for your online financial sites for banking and credit cards, another one for your social media sites, and others for work, online shopping, travel and more. You can even use the Encrypt Stick Password Manager to create groups to store passwords for things that you do not access via your computer.

User Accounts Unlimited Accounts

There is no limit to the number of accounts for which you can create, restore and retrieve passwords. This allows you to easily have unique passwords for every account you own, ensuring that if one account is compromised because someone guessed a password, the rest of your accounts will be safe.


Virtual Keyboard Super Secure Virtual Keyboard

The Encrypt Stick™ Password Manager uses state of the art techniques to thwart those who wish to gain access to your confidential information and online accounts. It includes a Virtual Keypad that prevents keylogging malware from intercepting keystrokes when you enter your user name and password. To prevent screen capture malware from capturing your sensitive account access information, it runs CPU intensive tasks in the background to keep the computer's processors as busy as possible, thereby making it very difficult for screen capture software to work effectively. The virtual keyboard even scrambles the location of the virtual keys between each key selection so that your entry can't even be tracked by software that captures the coordinates of your mouse clicks.


Easy to use Easy To Use

The Encrypt Stick™ Password Manager is designed to be easy to use, whether it is creating passwords, managing accounts or account groups or using it to safely and securely access your important online sites. Ease of use is consciously designed into the product.

Portable Portable

Take your password and account information with you wherever you go. Use it with confidence on any computer knowing that your confidential information is accessible only by you.

Start enjoying total peace of mind….get EncryptStick now!

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