Protect Your Web Browsing

The EncryptStick™ software uses three elements to protect your digital life: Protected (encrypted) file storage; a private web browser; and a password manager.

Secure Private Files

Protect Your Files.

Everyone has private digital files that need extra security. They’re the ones on your computer or other devices that could cause serious consequences if they fell into the wrong hands: photos, videos, financial records, identity passwords and sensitive documents. Lost or stolen devices, or compromised files put you at risk. Embarrassment, identity theft and even job loss are all are possible consequences when important information falls into the wrong hands. It takes only a few seconds to permanently secure your important information and protect your digital privacy.

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Private Browsing

Protect Your Web Browsing.

The Encrypt Stick™ Digital Privacy Browser runs off any flash drive, it provides unparalleled web surfing privacy and leaves no trace whatsoever on the host computer.

Keep your online activities completely private. Conceal where you've been browsing when you've been searching for a special surprise gift your special someone. Keep your kids, friends, hackers, or anyone else from knowing where you've been online, including your shopping, banking and financial sites. What happens on the flash drive stays on the flash drive!

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Password Manager

Protect Your Passwords.

Passwords are a key defence against identity theft. The stronger they are the more protection they offer. The stronger they are, the more hard to remember. Encrypt Stick™ Password manager eliminates the need to remember your passwords by saving them in an encrypted database on your flash drive. The searchable, easy to use database means you can carry your passwords with you on your Flash drive and use them to access your banking accounts, online shopping accounts, web site logins, email accounts etc from any computer, in complete privacy and with total security. With Encrypt Stick™ you only have to remember one password.

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