How it works and Examples of Uses

EncryptStick Software: Solutions for Secure Data Storage, File Synchronization and Sharing.

      • Secure Data Storage (Vaults)

        A vault is an encrypted folder that EncryptStick software uses to store and protect your files and folders. With the program you can create as many vaults as you need for organizing your documents and data, and your encrypted vaults are only visible and accessible while the EncryptStick program is open and running.

      • Mounting and Displaying Vaults

        When you create vaults, EncryptStick gives you two options for mounting and displaying them.

      • 1. EncryptStick can mount the vault by assigning it a drive letter; for example, if your flash drive is mounted as “Removable Drive F:”, a vault named “backup” may be identified as Backup (G:);
      • 2. The other option is to mount the vault as a Favourite, identified by a folder name;

Whichever option you choose, you will have the advantage of direct access to the files and folders you have securely stored in your vaults.
If you are travelling and need to work at a guest computer, you can view and edit the documents in the vaults [eg. on your flash drive or external hard drive], by connecting your EncryptStick- enabled flash drive or external drive to the guest computer.

        • Synchronizing Vaults and Folders

          Individual vaults can be linked to any folder(s) you have on your computer. Once linked to any peer folder(s), the vault and the folder(s) are synchronized on command.
          Any selected folders or files on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer can be synced with vaults in any location, the program allows you to create as many vaults as you like.

Some examples of uses:

1. Give the cloud an added layer of security and protection.

        • These days, people are becoming more nervous, and less confident, about using cloud serviceslike Dropbox, Google Drive etc., for secure document storage or for backups. It seems that every few weeks another hack is in the news. Some people shy away from the Cloud for that reason, while the rest of us give in to the tremendous convenience, convincing ourselves that this only happens to other people, and so we let complacency and convenience override our better instincts.

        • With EncryptStick you add you own strong layer of protection to the security maintained by those Cloud services. You will be the only one having the password and therefore not have to rely solely on the strength of your password to the cloud, or the security in the cloud. This dual authentication gives you virtually impregnable security for your important documents stored in the Cloud.
        • Secure File updating and syncing between your local computer and DropBox, OneDrive, etc; using the EncryptStick interface, you can read, write and sync data stored on your flash drive, with files in the Cloud.

“I never have worry about hackers while sharing vaults with my friends who have EncryptStick! Only we know the password!!”

2. You send HDD, SSD or DVD/CD to share files with others, but it needs to be secure


        • You need to send documents on External HDD, SSD or DVD/CD by regular mail. Just store the vault on the media and send the media by mail. You could send the password of the vault by email or phoning to the person needing it. He can open the vault by adding the vault to his EncryptStick software and entering the received password.

“I send large files via DVD. I never have to worry that the data on those DVD’s falls into the wrong hands.”

3. You want to carry documents with you to work on and keep them safe.


        • You need to give a presentation or you want to work at home to update the latest budget. No need to carry your laptop around. Just synchronize the documents from the vault on your flash drive. Once you have worked on it at home (whether on Mac, Windows or Linux OS) you bring it to work. Once back at the office, you will be alerted that some files have changed. Click on the synchronize button and your work computer will have the latest version.

“I take work home, work on files and back up the vault. Next day, when I go back to work EncryptStick synchronizes the changes. I never worry about losing the USB drive”.

4. You can keep your documents securely private and synchronized on any Network drive


        • I work on some highly confidential information and I worry that our IT administrator could look at the data. I have my vaults on the company network, only those who need to see particular files will have a password for those vaults. I can synchronize changes easily with the vaults by clicking the synchronize button.

“Within our HR group we share documents that have highly confidential personal information. With EncryptStick, our network administrator cannot see the data.”

5. Keep your files and folders Secure.


        • All my documents are in a vault on a laptop or desktop (Win, Mac & Linux). If anybody finds that laptop he or she will not able to look into my protected document. Are military graded encryption will take care of it.

“About 12,000 laptops get lost in US Airports every year. If I am unfortunate losing mine, the data stored in the on board vault can never be revealed.”