What is EncryptStick™?

Protect Your Files.

Everyone has private information and files on a computer, laptop, flash drive, or some other portable storage device that should have extra security. Whether these files are photos, videos, financial records, banking information or other sensitive data, they are vulnerable to damage, loss and even theft. Loss and misuse of private information can have serious consequences: embarrassment, expense, even job loss, are all possible outcomes, particularly when important information falls into the wrong hands.

EncryptStick can quickly, easily and permanently secure your important information and protect your privacy.


Keep your private files safe; Synchronize your files across devices; Back-up your data quickly, easily and more securely;

Runs on Your Computer and Any USB Flash Drive

EncryptStick runs on PC, Mac and Linux computers and all recently made USB flash drives. EncryptStick software installs quickly and easily. When installed on a flash drive, you can use EncryptStick on any PC or Mac anywhere in the world.

Encrypt & Decrypt Your Private Files

EncryptStick turns your flash drive into a highly secure, private vault where you store the files you want to protect: photos, music, videos, documents, in all file types. You can create “vaults” for encrypting and protecting files on most writable media including Mac, PC and Linux platforms, shared network drives, external hard drives and additional USB flash drives. More media storage options to come…

EncryptStick dynamically sizes vaults so that each only takes up the space it needs to store your protected files. Vault contents are only visible to you and remain hidden to others, unless they have your EncryptStick enabled flash drive and your password.


The Auto-updater is a feature that keeps your EncryptStick software up-to-date with the latest updates. With auto-update, your system periodically checks for newer versions of EncryptStick. When a more recent version is available, we tell you and ask your permission to update your EncryptStick installation.

You can schedule how often your system checks for updates, and you can manually check for updates at any time.

Lost Flash Drive Data Recovery Feature

With this feature you can easily activate a replacement flash drive and restore data from your backup vault. Since EncryptStick allows you to activate up to 3 devices with one license, simply download the software from the website to a replacement flash drive. Then follow the recovery procedures shown during the installation, and use the serial number assigned to your existing license to complete the reinstall and access your vault backup.

Easy to Use Encryption Interface

Encrypting files is as easy as dragging and dropping files from your computer into the EncryptStick interface. The EncryptStick interface gives you direct access to all of your encrypted vaults and files. View or decrypt your encrypted files by double-clicking on them directly in your vaults, or simply drag the files to your desktop, local folder or network drive.

Advanced Virtual Keyboard

EncryptStick gives you the option of using an on-screen virtual keyboard, at login or when creating your password. The virtual keyboard provides advanced protection against keystroke loggers and screen capture malware that may have already infected the host computer. It can even thwart malware that attempt to track the location of your mouse clicks by randomly repositioning the virtual keys after each click.

Computer Installation is Optional - Not Essential

EncryptStick software can be installed to and run from a flash drive; however, it can also be installed on a host computer, using the same license.

No Admin Rights Required

EncryptStick will run in conjunction with any Mac, Linux or PC computer with or without administrative rights.

Multi OS

EncryptStick is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You use one license to download EncryptStick for one platform or all of them, and software versions for all operating systems can reside and operate from the same computer and/or flash drive. Since the release of EncryptStick 6.0.2 in November, 2014, one license can also be used to activate EncryptStick on up to three (3) devices!

Instant Lock

This feature Instantly locks the EncryptStick application, your vaults, and all functions, wipes all information from the program’s temporary files, clipboard, cache and secure memory.

Automatic Timeout

EncryptStick protects your information when you step away from your computer by automatically locking your vaults and exiting the program, returning you to the login screen. A user option lets you set the time lapse from idle condition to lockout state.

Limited Login Attempts

Ten failed login attempts locks EncryptStick’s login screen for a full minute thereby significantly reducing susceptibility to brute force password attacks.

File Shredder

Remove any trace of a file having ever been on your computer. When you encrypt a file, EncryptStick prompts you to confirm the permanent removal of the original source file from your machine. Once you wipe the file, no trace remains of it ever having been on your computer.

Strong & Fast Encryption

The EncryptStick encryption engine uses fast and strong AES algorithms. You have the option to encrypt your vaults with 128, 256, or 512-bit AES ciphers. Our encryption is registered and government approved, and is FIPS 140-2 compliant. In an upcoming release, we will offer a 1024-bit encryption option.

Live Search

You can search in all existing vaults for specific files by filename; simply start typing in the search box and EncryptStick instantly narrows down and displays your search results.